Jewellery Re-threading

Over time your cherished necklaces and bracelets can become discoloured and worn. This is simply because of how much you love wearing your precious pieces. The thread or elastic is prone to wear and tear from the bead holes, cosmetics and body oils. 

How a jewellery thread can wear

Jewellery thread can be made from several materials including silk string, nylon, elastic and others. After a while all threads will begin to age and wear before eventually snapping and breaking all together. As time takes its toll you may find your jewellery thread is discoloured, misshaped and longer than is was originally. Eventually, if your jewellery has not done so already the thread may snap leaving you fumbling around for your beautiful stones. This is where Nettletons Jewellers are able to help.

Our jewellery re-stringing service is the perfect solution to re-vitalise your pieces give them a new lease of life that means you can be enjoying your jewellery for many years to come. We are able to re-thread or re-string several different styles of jewellery from necklaces, bracelets, costume jewellery and beads to silver or pearl pieces. Should your pearls need knotting or require a new clasp, Nettletons team have the expertise to do the work. We can advise you of the work required at your consultation.

How long does jewellery re-stringing take?

We would ask that you leave your jewellery with us for up to three weeks to allow time for re-stringing and a thorough assessment of the work. However, this is an estimated timescale and the work may be completed slightly quicker dependent upon the style of your jewellery. 

How much does re-stringing cost?

The cost of re-stringing varies from piece to piece as the materials and work required differs. For this reason, we are not able to quote an exact timescale. If you wish to contact us to arrange a free instore consultation, we are more than happy to accomodate you and discuss your jewellery.

How often should I have my jewellery re-strung?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each piece of jewellery differs, as does the wearer. Nonetheless, we would recommend having your jewellery re-strung at least once every three years.

If you are unsure as to whether your jewellery needs re-stringing or would like us to check the integrity of your jewellery, please contact us to arrange a visit to our store in Clitheroe, Lancashire. We will be more than happy to assess your jewellery for you and give you some feedback and advice.

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If you are un sure as to whether your jewellery needs re stringing or would like us to check the security of your jewellery, visit us at our store in Clitheroe, Lancashire; where we will be more than happy to assess your jewellery for you.