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Nettletons Guide to Buying Men’s Watches


Has your watch recently broken? Do you want to treat yourself to a new one? Or are you treating somebody else? Buying a new watch doesn't need to be an overwhelming or daunting experience. In fact, it can be very exciting and give you a real buzz. From diving watches to sports watches, there is plenty of choice, options and fashion statements out there. 

That’s why we’ve put together this handy buying guide together for you. We'll help you cut through some of the jargon, and guide you to making the right choice. To view our current range of Men's Watches, please click here.

Type of Watch

 herbelin newportEDIT TEST

Michel Herbelin Newport Chronograph

All-Rounder Watch

Are you looking for a watch that you can wear every day? Some important things to consider when choosing an everyday watch are comfort, style and reliability. Our Michel Herbelin Newport Chronograph is a great “all-rounder” watch. In other words, it has everything you need. The Newport has a comfortable, rugged strap and stunning royal blue subdials. This watch will stay firmly on your wrist, no matter what you’re getting up to.

When to wear it: On the weekend, around town, day to day wear. 


Raymond Weil Freelancer automatic mens diver watch 2670 ST3 50001EDIT

Raymond Weil Freelancer Automatic Divers Watch

Diver Watch

As mentioned earlier, there are diving watches, like our Citizen Promaster, that can be worn underwater. This watch is versatile and practical, yet still extremely stylish, especially when it comes to the blue and red bi-directional aluminium bezel. It has a 300m water resistance and is the perfect choice for any diving enthusiasts out there.

One thing to bare in mind when buying a Divers watch is the size of the face. Make sure that you get measured. Having an oversized watch on your wrist will take you from dapper to daft very quickly.  We are happy to help you with this.

When to wear it: Depends on the design and the strap. Canvas, Rubber or Leather straps suit a dressed down look. Make a statement in the Office, at Dinner or at a Party with a stainless steel strap. These watches are hard wearing, with signature designs from Rolex and Omega regularly appearing on the wrists of fictional characters like James Bond.  


herbelin dress watchEDIT TEST
Michel herbelin Citadines Dress Watch

Dress Watch

Want something simple yet sophisticated? Then a dress watch is definitely for you! These watches come with a leather strap, simple hour indexes and are thin in design which although is not overly flashy, will catch the eye subtly. Our Michel Herbelin Citadines Dress Watch is a perfect example of a versatile dress watch that is subtle and can be worn whether you’re dressing up or going casual.

When to wear it: Dress it up with a suit at a wedding or go smart casual with trousers when eating out. These watches are versatile and look just as at home with a wax jacket around town on the weekend, as they do at a black tie charity event. A smart and confident choice for the distinguished gentleman. 


Citizen Skyhawk Red Arrows EDIT

Citizen Promaster Sky Hawk A-T Watch

Pilot/Aviation Watch

A Pilot, or Aviation watch, is another very popular style of watch with fans all around the world. The first one was made in 1904 by Cartier, who named the piece Santos after one of the first European aviation pioneers. The distinguishing feature of these watches is the easy readability. After all, they were initially made for pilots. These watches are built to tell the time but also range in their capabilities. Some will offer a no-nonsense approach whilst others will give you all the tools with bells on. It's your choice. 

When to wear it: Out and about, casually every day. This watch will serve you well on the beach, in the bar or in the boardroom.  Although you might want a smarter option for the latter. 



Did you know that there are different types of watch movements? This essentially describes the way the mechanism is working within the watch and it could influence your decision on which is right for you.


Here is some information about the most common watch movements: quartz, automatic and mechanical.


Quartz watches are the affordable choice for many, making them an extremely popular choice. Unlike mechanical and automatic, these watches are powered by a battery. You can hear the ticking sound with movement, which could be a positive or negative depending on individual preferences. If you’re looking for accurate time, minimal maintenance and durability, quartz will probably be the right option for you.


Mechanical watches are powered by a coiled wire of metal which is wound up by hand. One benefit of this is that mechanical watches don’t need batteries, you simply wind it up when you need to. Although you can’t see the mechanics working, some people enjoy knowing that the watch has been carefully handcrafted and has hidden character to it.


Automatic watches are similar to mechanical, in the sense that they have an internal mainspring and gears. However, they don’t need winding up by hand but instead, use a rotor that generates winding power all day long. One of the main reasons that people choose automatic watches is that they don’t have to worry about replacing the battery.


Want something a little bit different? We have a range of watches available that are solar powered, like this Citizen Sport Eco-Drive. As well as having a sleek design and modern appearance, it also has stunning sapphire crystals. And because it’s powered by light, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out or having to replace it.



Before you make any purchase, it’s important to think about how much you have to spend. Going in with a set budget means that you won’t overspend and will understand which watches you can afford to buy.

The good news is we have watches available to suit all budgets! Our Sekonda ‘Nightfall’ gents chronograph watch is available at a bargain price, if you want to really get a deal for your money.


Measure Up

Make sure you choose the right size watch. It should be proportioned to the size of your hand, so it is probably best to try a couple of different sizes on. If you pop into our store, we would be more than happy to help you with this.

Nettletons WatchIllustration resized

Pre-owned Watches


Who says that a watch needs to be brand new? All our pre-owned watches are in great condition and come with a guarantee to give you peace of mind. Take our Bvlgari Diagono for instance. It has a sleek stainless-steel bracelet, sapphire glass and can even be used in waters up to 100m. And the best thing is that no one would know you hadn’t purchased it first-hand!

Our second-hand watches are extremely popular and tend to sell out fast. But don’t worry, we have lots more available in store than we do on the website. If you are edging towards a preowned watch, we would advise that you come and see us in person so we can help you to find the right one. Before you visit, why not see our dedicated second-hand watch page




If you have any questions about our men’s watches or aren’t sure which is right for you, we would be more than happy to help. You can call 01200 422 127to speak to the team or visit us in store!

Our Jewellery Services

Here at Nettletons Jewellers, Clitheroe, we pride ourselves on our first class jewellery repair services. With over 40 years’ experience of jewellery repairs, we are committed to providing you, the customer with an exceptional customer experience. Our on-site workshop means we are able to repair your jewellery relatively quickly without the need to wait a long time for your repair.


Jewellery Repairs

 We understand how sentimental items of jewellery can be; therefore we treat your jewellery pieces with the upmost care and consideration. Many of our jewellery repairs are carried out in-house, giving you peace of mind that your jewellery is secured and well looked after. The benefit to having an in house repair service means that many of our jewellery repairs can be carried out in the day whilst you shop! Some more intricate repairs may require you leaving your jewellery with us for slightly longer; we will usually quote between two and three weeks. We can assess your jewellery repair upon visual inspection and we can advise an estimated timescale for completion of the work.


jewellery ring repair before and after



Here at Nettletons Jewellers we offer a valuation service through our in house valuer. We usually ask that your items are left with us for around three days to allow time for a thorough assessment and detailed documentation of your items. We are able to value items of jewellery for Insurance and Probate.
Usually we will ask if you have any of the following documents to support your jewellery items, it may be handy if you bring these documents with you to your initial consultation:

• Any receipts
• Any previous valuations
• Any boxes, ideally original ones
• Any certificates or third party papers relating to the articles
• Your insurance policy’s single item limit, if needed for insurance
• The deceased’s name and date of passing, if needed for probate



Engraving jewellery and gifts helps to add that personal touch and makes the more sentimental. We offer an engraving service through our traditional hand engraver for items such as; wedding rings, cufflinks and bangles. We also use laser engraving enabling items such as; trophies and plaques to be engraved. We are able to have items that are purchased from us engraved or alternatively you can bring in your pre-existing jewellery to take advantage of our engraving service. Our engraving service usually takes between two and three weeks.


Bespoke Design Service

Our design service allows you to personalise your jewellery creations to suit your own preferences, or pre-existing jewellery pieces. Initially we will have a consultation with you to determine your preferences and help to answer any queries you may have.
Once we have collected your design brief we will then instruct out design team to produce CAD images and a wax cast of your jewellery design and supply you with the prices for the jewellery to be made. This will help you to visualise what the finished product will look like, whilst getting a feel for the jewellery through the wax cast.



shaped to fit ring



To read more details on our individual services, please click here and visit the appropiate page.


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