Bespoke Jewellery Design

At Nettletons we are delighted to be able to offer a bespoke Jewellery Design Service. Our design service allows you to personalise your jewellery creations to suit your own preferences, or pre-existing jewellery pieces. Initially we will have a consultation with you to determine your preferences and help to answer any queries you may have.


hand design jewellery

How does it work?

Once we have collected your design brief we will then instruct out design team to produce CAD images and a wax cast of your jewellery design and supply you with the prices for the jewellery to be made. This will help you to visualise what the finished product will look like, whilst getting a feel for the jewellery through the wax cast.


wedding ring dual stock resize


Is it expensive?

It’s extremely hard to judge the price of a bespoke piece of jewellery without knowing more details about the wants and wishes of the customer. The best advice is to get in touch with us and visit us in store to discuss the design brief and your creative ideas. Obviously as it’s bespoke, every job varies and is different. We’ll be able to give you a better estimation on cost when we’ve been through the design process and the materials that you want to use.


close up of ring

Contact us today to begin your journey, making a personal piece of jewellery that is a completely unique, and one that you can treasure forever.