Jewellery Engraving

Many people nowadays choose to having items engraved, and it’s understandable why. Engraving jewellery and gifts helps to add that personal touch, and makes them more sentimental.


How do you engrave?


We offer an engraving service through our traditional hand engraver for items such as; wedding rings, cufflinks and bangles. We also use laser engraving enabling items such as; trophies and plaques to be engraved.


 Engraved wedding ring 2


Do you engrave items not bought from the shop?


Yes. You can have items that are purchased from us engraved or alternatively, you can bring in your pre-existing jewellery to take advantage of our engraving service.


How long does the engraving take?


Our engraving service usually takes between two and three weeks but please don't be put off by this. Contact us directly for a quote and idea of time frame. 


What do people want to be engraved on their items?


Dates, names and places are among the most popular choices, along with achievements for trophies and awards. These are often the most memorable and meaningful things in our life, so choosing to engrave them on the jewellery that they are so intrinsically linked makes perfect sense. Whether you want your partner’s initials on the inside of a wedding band, a name on a locket or any dates that carry meaning, please contact us and bring the item in store.


We also offer engraving on new jewellery, given that both the jewellery and engraving demands are suitable for the desired effect. For example, an items area that is suitable for engraving might be limited if a longer name is wanted. Nettletons are more than happy to discuss and advise though and treat this on a case by case basis.


Find out more today by visiting us in-store or by contacting us directly now.