Jewellery Workshop

We pride ourselves on our first-class jewellery repair services. With over 40 years’ experience of jewellery repairs, we are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional customer experience. Our on-site workshop means that we can repair your jewellery quickly without the need to wait a long time for your repair.

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How to care for your Jewellery

At Nettletons we see a lot of jewellery items and watches in various states of presentability. Rings, bracelets, earrings and watches are living breathing objects that mean a lot to individuals and spend a lot of their time in close proximity to their bodies. Caring for these items properly can be taxing and sometimes be a hinderance, but there’s absolutely no shame in this, Nettletons are here to help you.

Although jewellery varies in toughness and strength, even soft metals and composites are ok to wear for everyday tasks such as the washing up and gardening or more adventurous past times, they can sometimes take their toll on your more precious items. However, you should always be careful and use your own judgement for when you wear your jewellery. If you’re particularly precious over a valuable, sentimental item, don’t risk it by digging out the compost.  

We understand that life is for living, and so have designed this offering around your needs. Our comprehensive list of services includes Alterations, Cleaning, Engraving, Restoration, Valuations and Bespoke Jewellery Design Services.  


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We offer a valuation service through our in-house valuer. We usually ask that your items are left with us for around three days to allow time for a thorough assessment and detailed documentation of your items. We can also value items of jewellery for Insurance and Probate. 

Usually we will ask if you have any of the following documents to support your jewellery items;

• Any receipts
• Any previous valuations
• Any boxes, ideally original ones
• Any certificates or third party papers relating to the articles
• Your insurance policy’s single item limit, if needed for insurance
• The deceased’s name and date of passing, if needed for probate


It will be handy if you bring these documents with you to your initial consultation.