Nettletons Jewellers Introduce Sheila Fleet Jewellery

16 November 2016

Sheila Fleet OBE is one of Scotland’s best-known designers and makers of gold, silver and platinum jewellery. Born Sheila Deerness, she was raised at Hoxa Head, South Ronaldsay. Sheila left school at the age of 15 with no qualifications, but a long held a passion for art. In 1963 she went to Edinburgh College of Art and spent her first two years there studying drawing, painting and sculpture. As a hobby, she joined a club where she polished and cut stones, which led to her entering the world of jewellery and fashion design. Sheila’s first piece of jewellery was made out of a fragment of Iona marble, and this love of stones can be seen today in her Pebble collection.

Sheila’s flair for design was recognised at the college, and she won several awards. Following completion of her Diploma in Arts & Crafts, she was awarded a Post Diploma for a further year’s training in Jewellery in 1967. A small bursary allowed her to work in London with Andrew Grima, one of Britain’s top jewellery designers. The next year she was awarded the Helena Rose Bequest, which was used to travel extensively in Europe, visiting the leading designers of the time.

After her travels, Sheila spent eight years at Corocraft, the world’s largest costume jewellery company in the 1960s. During that time Sheila won prizes for her designs in the Goldsmiths, Silversmiths and Jewellers Art Council Competition – as well as marrying her husband, Rick Fleet. In 1977 Sheila and Rick relocated to Orkney, where Sheila joined a local jewellery company as a professional designer. During this time she designed three matching sets of jewellery which were used by the World Gold Council for promotions.

Eventually, in 1993, after working for 26 years in the industry, Sheila decided to set out on her own. With her husband and son’s help, she set up a business designing and manufacturing her own brand of Sheila Fleet Jewellery.

Sheila Fleet Jewellery Stockist – Nettletons Jewellers

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