Nettletons Jewellers Introduces Frederique Constant Watches

02 October 2017

At Nettletons Jewellers Clitheroe, we are always looking for new and exciting products for our valued customers to choose from. We are pleased to announce that we have recently begun stocking the high-end range of Frederique Constant watches. Since 1994, Frederique Constant has been innovating in the Swiss watch industry, and they offer high-quality Swiss watches at affordable prices.

Frederique Constant’s slogan is “Live your passion”, and they really do. Passion is shown in their attention to details and craftsmanship. They create beautiful watches with precision design and accurate timekeeping – just as you would expect from a quality Swiss watchmaker.

Frederique Constant watches from Nettletons Jewellers Clitheroe are not just luxurious timepieces. Behind each dial is the beating heart of a piece of engineering that has been manufactured with a process that not involves inspired design and smart development – and unparalleled attention to detail and finishing. Here at Nettletons Jewellers, we encourage you to take a close look at the fine engravings and crisp printing on the dial of every Frederique Constant Watch. These gorgeous timepieces are renowned for their delicate, rounded cases which are the result of many hours of delicate hand polishing.

Heart Beat From Frederique Constant Watches

Frederique Constant Watches’ signature design is the Heart Beat. The Heart Beat design exposes the delicate engineering within the watch to show that Frederique Constant watches are powered by a mechanical movement.

Each Frederique Constant watch is hand assembled with care, and each item is subject to quality checks and controls over a sustained period of time to ensure timekeeping accuracy. Both humans and specialised equipment are involved so that they can ensure optimal quality. No compromises are made regarding quality with Frederique Constant.

Nettletons Jewellers, Clitheroe

Nettletons Jewellers, Clitheroe, welcome you to visit our store to browse through our collection of stunning Frederique Constant Watches so you can see the luxury Swiss engineering for yourself. You can browse our selection of Frederique Constant watches on our website, or call into our Clitheroe Jewellery store for a look at the collection.