15 September 2015

For those born in October, the colourful Opal perfectly captures the imaginative spirit of these charming individuals. October babies are known to be lovers of beauty, peace and harmony, making the gemstone Opal a superb gemstone to exemplify the personalities of those born in October.

Spectrally delightful, Opals have long been desired for their kaleidoscopic rainbow quality. This unique gemstone, flashes brilliant colours with even the slightest movement. The October birthstone, the Opal birthstone meaning symbolizes purity, innocence and hope. The Opal has metaphysical properties of confidence, loyalty, faithfulness and happiness.

According to ancient legend the Opal was considered to be the most mysterious and bewitching of all gemstones, because it was believed to have all the virtues of other precious stones within. Opals were believed to boost the joy of one’s earthly existence.


Many people use alternative medicine in the form of healing crystals, with opal having its own list of perceived health benefits.

• Treats disorders associated with eyes

• Used in treatments to clarify eyesight

• Balance’s body’s water content

• Alleviates dehydration in the body

• Regulate insulin production

• Stimulates memory