Rainbows: A symbol of Hope, Community and Love

31 March 2020

Right now, as we are sure you are aware, the UK is experiencing a partial lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It is a very serious, global event, and we’re not making light of it.

This current situation is unlike anything ever seen in modern society and it’s unsurprisingly causing many people to feel anxious and concerned.

Our shop in Clitheroe has been closed to the public since the UK Government made the announcement for all non-essential shops to close. Our team are working from home where appropriate, and keeping you, our valued customers up to date with proceedings. Our first priority is the health, wellbeing and safety of our customers and ourselves.

It’s very easy to get low, feel down and feel swamped, but it is also possible to see the positives that the UK’s partial lockdown is bringing.

Communities are coming together like never before. Supporting one another, helping individuals and the most vulnerable in society. Despite the disruption to our every-day lives, we are seeing vast social movements of goodwill and togetherness, across a wide scale. Not only are celebrities presenting online classes, PE with Joe Wicks anyone? Or how about English with David Walliams? Not to mention Food Tech with Jamie Oliver… We’re seeing a huge wave of support at a grass roots, door to door, street to street level.

Remember the clap for the NHS and keyworkers? People literally stood on their doorstep, in their front garden or drive way, and clapped and cheered in their 100’s of thousands at 8pm on Thursday 26th March. It might have even been in the millions, but we’ll never know. All we do know, is that this great showing of solitude, wasn’t only highly charged and emotional, it was also an amazing outpouring of support, love and appreciation for frontline keyworkers.

Now another movement that you might be aware of, as you take your daily one hour exercise, is Rainbows. Rainbows in windows. Pinned up, created, made and built. Children’s drawings, tissue paper, felt tip ink, acrylic paint, wool and cloth, and all other mediums besides. These little colourful symbols, each one piecing through the heavy news and devastating period of self-isolation, to give a beacon of hope to each person who sees it.

And they are all over. So next time you are out, keep your eyes peeled and see if you can see the creation of a child, and see if you can feel the hope that it instils in so many. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for your own piece of beauty, solitude and hope, you’d do well to see our latest addition to our collection of jewellery. Amore create wonderful pieces of jewellery that range from classically styled to contemporary pieces that evoque a modern touch. One things for sure, the pieces that are inspired by Rainbows, create an ethereal cacophony of colour that will impress for years to come.

You can dress all of these pieces to your taste, as they are equally suited for casual day wear, or a night out. We highly recommend you check out these pieces and the pop of colour and fun that they can bring to the wearer.

Amore Argento Rainbow Cocktail Earrings

Amore Argento silver rainbow cocktail earrings. Set in sterling silver, these colourful earrings behold an array of genuine gemstones. The earrings secure with a butterfly back fastener.

Amore Argento Silver Rainbow Cocktail Ring



Amore Argento silver rainbow cocktail ring, set on a plain silver band this stunning piece combines a collection of vibrant colourful gemstones including Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet and Peridot.

Amore Argento silver rainbow bubble ring



This silver three row bubble ring is neatly set with various size round brilliant gemstones in an array of colours. Rainbows are representative of peace and hope.

Or if rings aren’t your thing… how about this stunning Amore Argento Silver Rainbow necklace?

Amore Argento silver cocktail necklace with rainbow coloured gemstones. This stunning silver pendant is set with genuine colourful gemstones and sits neatly on an adjustable 16-18″ fine curb chain.

If Rainbows aren’t your thing, then please don’t be put off. These designs are only a fraction of the Amore Jewellery range. You can view all of the Amore jewellery here.

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