Sheila Fleet New Collection Bluebells “Bonnie Bluebells”

26 March 2016

The well-known jewellery designer-maker from the Orkney Islands in Scotland is well known for her bold designs, vibrant enamel colours and fine hand finish. Nettletons Jewellers is delighted to introduce her new bluebell collection. Nature and the out doors is the Imperative influence on all of sheila fleets jewellery designs, the bluebell collection is no exception. Inspired by Sheila Fleets own garden, situated near the sea in the far north of Scotland on the Orkney Islands, its an old garden sheltered from high winds and salty air by tall trees. Every spring a host of beautiful bluebells appear..

“Bluebells have been growing in Orkney gardens for as long as i can remember” said Sheila, My garden was once part of a croft and the bluebells under the sycamore trees have been adding a little colour for many years. i picked a few and used some images to design my new collection.”

These beautiful flowers are at home in ancient woodlands all over Scotland and have long been associated with faries in folklore tales. stories tell of faires who rang the little bells, of witches who would turn themselves into hares to hide in the buds and of people who trayed into the flowers and mysteriously entered other worlds. A hardy flower, bluebells have been growing in gardens in Orkney for as long as Sheila can remember.

Today the bluebell rivals the thistle as a symbol of Scotland and is regarded by many as the flower of Scotland. Sheila has given both these traditional icons an identity in precious metal. while both collections Bluebell and Thistle have been created in sterling silver, the Bluebell design incorperates carefully developed enamels in blue, pink and white reflecting Natures colours. Bluebell joins a range of designs inspired by flowers including Sheilas very popular Snowdrop, charitable Daisy and classic Primula Scotica collections.

When the days work is done, Sheila enjoys a few peaceful moments in her garden… beside the workshop where all her jewellery is made.