Wolf Watch Winders Now Available

05 October 2017

Nettletons Jewellers Clitheroe are always looking for new and innovative products for our customers. We are proud to announce that we now stock a range of Wolf Watch Winders.

Why do I need a Watch Winder?

When you buy a precision-made, automatic winding wristwatch, you want to protect your investment. A high-end mechanical watch requires more care than a quartz watch. This is because many mechanical Swiss watches have a “self-winding” feature that charges up the watch as it is worn. The watch is powered by the motion of your arm instead of a battery. This means battery changes are no longer needed, as the mechanism works by releasing the tension in a spring. However, a self-winding watch that is not regularly worn runs out of charge after a couple of days.

Wolf Watch Winders from Nettletons Jewellers Clitheroe

If you covet the stylish design and mechanical intricacy of a Swiss self-winding watch, then you have two choices: wear it every day or so, to keep it wound up, or set the time and date on every occasion you wear it. The starting and stopping of the movement could introduce additional stress into the delicate mechanical heart of the watch and shorten its lifespan. The solution: a Wolf Watch Winder from Nettletons Jewellers, Clitheroe.

How does a Wolf Watch Winder work?

A watch winder works by gently turning your mechanical timepiece to mimic natural watch wear. A Wolf Watch Winder protects your investment by ensuring that the mainspring is kept at the perfect tension to reduce the risk of lubricant drying out and keep the watch set to the right time and date so you can pick up your watch and wear it whenever you want.

We welcome you to visit our Clitheroe Jewellers to see our collection of Wolf Watch Winders. You can view our products on our website, or come into our Clitheroe store.