Clock Repairs

As Jewellers with over 40 years experience, Nettletons are experts in clock repairs, services and clock restoration. 

We understand the prestige and sentiment many of our customer’s clocks carry, and so we treat them with the great care that they deserve. Each and every clock deserves respect as it carries its own unique history. We love hearing our customers stories about these clocks and special time pieces, and many of the clocks we repair, are family heirlooms, that have been passed through numerous generations. Thats why you can rest assured that you have brought your clock to the right place, to recieve a first class restoration and repair job.

Clock repairs - As time goes by

Like watches, clocks are constantly on the go, their mechanical mechanisms mean the parts are constantly moving and wearing therefore your clock will require regular servicing to ensure it works as efficiently as possible. You may notice over time that your clock loses or gains time, or might even stop completely. At this point we would recommend your bring your clock in for a service. Alternatively you may wish to have your clock serviced every 3-5 years to maintain effective timekeeping.

Our clock repair service will ensue we restore and replace any worn or damaged parts within your clock and get it back up and running. We want to ensure you are fully satisfied and confident with the repairs we have carried out, for this reason we will provide you with a 12 month clock service guarantee. Meaning should anything relating to your clock service go wrong within the 12 months we will gladly carry out the necessary repairs free of charge for you.

Local clock collection

We understand that many clocks are heavy and may require dismantling or removing from your wall. Therefore we offer a local clock collection and return delivery service. A representative of Nettletons Jewellers will safely, and securely, collect your clock and return it to its original position once the necessary repairs have been completed. Furthermore, we don't use third party workers or delivery drivers to do this work. All you have to do is contact us, and arrange a collection time that best suits you. We will then call to arrange delivery back to you, clock once the repairs are complete.

Please note: our clock collection service is only available within a 20mile radius of our store BB7 2BX.

What types of clocks can we repair?

We can repair all types of clocks including, wall clocks, mantel clocks, grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks and other models and styles. Contact us and one of our team will be able to assist you should you have any queries that you may have.

How long does a clock repair take?

We usually ask that your clock is left with us for up to 3 weeks to allow time for the necessary repairs to be carried out. Please note that this timescale may be slightly longer dependent upon the type of repair your clock requires. If replacement parts such as new dials and cases, are out of stock or have to be ordered, then this timeframe can fluctuate. 

Once we have assessed your clock we will advise you of an estimated repair timescale accurate to the scale of the job.

How much does a clock repair cost?

There is no set amount for a clock service, as every clock is unique and the work required will differ significantly within each clock. If you would like to enquire further as to how much your clock repair may cost, please contact us and our expert will be able to assess your clock, before providing you with an estimated cost of repair.

Clock Batteries

Should your quartz clock run out of power, we stock a selection of Renata clock batteries, meaning we are able to replace your clock battery within the day for you.

Clock restoration

Over time our well-loved clocks may encounter knocks, drops and wear and tear. Resulting in the need of a restoration. Clock restorations can take a variety of forms, and undoubtedly vary from clock to clock.

The most common examples of clock restoration include:

  • Replacement clock dials
  • Replacement clock glasses
  • New quartz clock movement
  • Clock case restoration
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We strive to provide expert repairs, paired with customer service that is second to none. To learn more about our watch repair services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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