Since opening over 40 years ago, Nettletons Jewellers have provided a quality jewellery engraving and ornamental engraving service. Engraving jewellery and gifts helps to add that personal touch, and makes them more sentimental. Our engraving service is available in modern or traditional fonts to help suit the style of jewellery and the occasion. 

What is Nettletons engraving service?

Nettletons offer a traditional hand engraving service that is suitable for all types of items items from wedding rings to cufflinks, bangles, godlets or watches. Our highly skilled, hand engraving service is individual and is totally unique from item to item. We can offer a variety of fonts and styles due to the freestyle nature of hand engraving. Hand engraving looks beautiful within wedding rings as is adds a truly unique touch. The timescale for hand engraving is usually between two and three weeks.

We also offer laser engraving, which enables us to engrave larger items items such as trophies and plaques. We are still able to offer our hand engraving service on trophies and plaques, however most people prefer machine engraving, as the font style will bare resemblance to the previous letters or numbers. Machine engraving usually takes around one week.

Finally seal engraving is the application of patterns to your jewellery, including items such as signet rings. Seal engraving is a specialist engraving service and requires a slightly longer timeframe of up to three months.

What do people want to be engraved on their items?

Customers ask for many things to be engraved on their items, some engraving may be very personal and unique to the individual and other things customers may have engraved may be to commemorate and occasion and include dates, names and places; these are among the most popular choices. Quite frequently we are asked to engrave plaques and trophies to commemorate an achievement or award such as annual trophy engraving.

These are often the most memorable and meaningful occasions in our life, so choosing to engrave them on jewellery or ornaments that they are so intrinsically linked to make perfect sense. Whether you want the inside of a wedding band engraining, a name on a locket or watch back engraving Nettletons are able to help. Call in store and our specialists will be able to assist you further.

Do you engrave items not bought from the shop?

Yes. You can have items that are purchased from us engraved or alternatively, you can bring in your pre-existing jewellery to take advantage of our engraving service.

How much does jewellery engraving cost?

Jewellery engraving starts from as little as £15. Exact prices differ dependent upon the type of engraving you require and the word count.  

Can I return my engraved item?

Unfortunately you aren’t able to return your item once it has been engraved, however if there is a manufacturing fault or issue with the engraving we are more than happy to resolve this for you.

How long does jewellery engraving take?

Our engraving service usually takes between one and three weeks for machine and hand engraved items. Please don't be put off by this, contact us directly and we'll do our best to produce a quote and more specific time frame. 

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We also offer engraving on new jewellery, given that both the jewellery and engraving demands are suitable for the desired effect. For example, an items area that is suitable for engraving might be limited if a longer name is wanted. Nettletons are more than happy to discuss and advise though and treat this on a case by case basis.