As Jewellers, the team at Nettletons understand how sentimental your precious pieces of jewellery are. We take great love and care when handling your items as if they were our own, and with this in mind offer an in-store valuation service for you. This valuation will be organised at a time to suit you. Our expert Goldsmith will assess your jewellery and provide a detailed valuation certificate. Your valuation certificate will act as a legal document and can be used to present to your insurance company.

Furthermore, during your valuation, your items do not leave the property, and are fully insured whilst on our shop premises in Clitheroe, Lancashire.


Why are valuations needed?

There are a variety of reasons as to why you may need a valuation, including:

  • a Valuation For Insurance Replacement
  • a Valuation for probate
  • a Family Division and Divorce
  • a Valuation for private sale

These valuations determine the value of your items of jewellery, whilst also taking into account the reason for the valuation. The valuation figure does vary dependent upon the nature of the valuation, for example a valuation for insurance as opposed to valuation for probate. Therefore it is important to discuss the purpose for which your valuation is required during your consultation. Although we value items for all reasons, in many different circumstances, our most frequently produced valuation certificate is a ‘valuation for insurance replacement’. In this instance, it is a requirement for your insurance purposes and can be presented to your insurance company as a document/evidence. Below are some frequently asked questions about valuations. If you have anything more specific you would like to discuss about our jewellery, or watch valuation services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Why are probate valuations lower?

Valuations for probate are carried out in consideration of jewellery items that form part of the deceased person’s estate. Valuations for probate are lower as the items are valued based upon the price they could be reasonably sold for on the open market. In addition to this, the condition of the goods will be taken into consideration upon valuation, as this will affect their immediate saleability.

Section 160 of the Inheritance Taxes Act, 1984 outlines “… the value at any time of any property shall… be the price which the property might reasonably be expected to fetch if sold in the open market at that time…”.

How often should my jewellery be valued?

The frequency of updating your valuation certificates varies dependent upon the nature of the valuation. We recommend updating your valuation certificates every three years for the purpose of insurance, but please do check with your insurance company of their requirements as they may differ. It is advisable to regularly update your valuations, as this will aid the accuracy of an up to date valuation. Valuations for probate and family divorce will be carried out prior to the division of such items.

What should I bring to my jewellery Valuation?

Usually we will ask if you have any of the following documents to support your jewellery items;

  • Any receipts
  • Any previous valuations
  • Any boxes, ideally original ones
  • Any certificates or third party papers relating to the articles
  • Your insurance policy’s single item limit, if a valuation for insurance is required
  • The deceased’s name and date of passing, if needed for probate

It would be handy if you bring these documents with you to your initial consultation. If you would like to find out more information, or wish to make an appointment, please contact us or visit the shop directly.

Data protection, storage of information
It's also worth noting that any data that we store will be stored in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998.

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Many jewellers require your items to be sent away, usually taking up to two weeks to be valued! Not here at Nettleton’s jewellers! As our expert is on site we usually ask that your items are left with us for around three days, just to allow time for a thorough assessment and detailed documentation of your items.

Our valuation expert has a wealth of experience and prides himself on his efficiency and attention to detail. He understands the sentiment behind your jewellery and handles them with the upmost care and consideration.

In addition to your valuation service he will assess your jewellery and advise you of any restoration work that may need carrying out.