Our Family History

nettletons jewellers storefront


Nettletons Jewellers was founded in November, 1978 by Mr Eric Nettleton. Eric Nettleton is passionate jewellery professional whom started out in the jewellery trade just after the War had ended back in 1948. Mr Nettleton started life as a retail sales assistant, working for Owen and Robinsons in Leeds. Mr Nettleton then moved onto managing his own store for Owen and Robinsons in Oldham. 


Eric eventually took the plunge into the jewellery world in 1978 and purchased his very own store, here in the heart of the wonderful Ribble Valley, Clitheroe. There has been a jewellery store in the exact same place as Nettletons Jewellers for 148 years! Eric Nettleton took it upon himself to carry on this Jewellery tradition by revamping, what was back then a Jewellery and Tobacconist shop; Catlows Jewellers and Tobacconist. Nettletons Jewellers underwent a major revamp back in 1997 to become what we know and love today.

Mr Nettletons passion and success for all things jewellery was embed within the family values, seeing his son, Matthew Nettleton join the trade straight from school in 1978 and the most recent edition to Nettletons Jewellers, Mr Nettleton’s grandson Joe Cuningham, who came on board in 2003. Matthew Nettleton is an avid Jeweller who took over the running of Nettletons Jewellers in 1997, Matthew is passionate about his business and truly values each and every customer. Matthew has acquired numerous qualifications over the years enabling him to become the professional goldsmith he is today. The talent doesn’t stop there! Joe Cuningham has attained various skills at the bench, meaning Nettletons Jewellers has not one but two goldsmiths on site.

Nettletons Jewellers has an astounding 125 years of combined jewellery knowledge and experience shared throughout the family. I’m sure you can imagine the Jewellery trends that will have been witnessed over so many years!