resizing ring

Ring Resizing

Nettletons Jewellers are able to carry out ring alterations and re-sizing promptly as our jewellery workshop is on-site. This enables our goldsmith to carry out numerous repairs and jewellery services, as well as giving you the peace of mind that your precious rings are safe in a secure environment.

resizing ring

Ring Resizing

Over time your rings will naturally wear as they travel with you through everyday life and come into contact with objects, liquids, oils and other rings if you wear them. However you shouldn’t panic, or indeed stop wearing your jewellery. Wear of this nature is totally normal, and Nettletons are able to carry out the necessary repairs to restore your rings and jewellery.

If you feel your rings may be in need of some TLC or would simply like us to check your jewellerys integrity, contact us and arrange your free consultation at our shop in Clitheroe.

What is Ring Resizing?

Ring resizing involves enlarging or reducing a rings size. It is a permanent solution to fix those rings that don’t fit as well as you would like them too. A ring may need altering for a variety of reasons, and all are linked to needing a better fit.

However, before you take the plunge and have your jewellery permanently altered, please call in and see one of our experts in the shop. Sometimes you may only need a temporary size alteration, in which case we may recommend sizing beads or ring clips.

When we enlarge a ring, we add a piece of metal into the rings band, making the ring the required size. Once your ring is shaped to the correct size, our goldsmith will then carefully restore your ring to its original glory.

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