Clock Restoration

Clock Restoration

As Jewellers with over 40 years experience, Nettletons are experts in clock restoration, clock repairs and servicing.

Unlock the hidden beauty of time with our expert clock restoration service. At Nettletons, we specialise in breathing new life into vintage clocks. Preserving their timeless charm for generations to come. From grandfather clocks to wall clocks, our clock repairers restore and repair each piece, ensuring every detail is brought back to its former glory.

Clock Restoration

Antique Clock Restoration

As part of our clock restoration service will we restore and replace any worn or damaged parts within your clock and get it back up and running. We want to ensure you are fully satisfied and confident with the repairs we have carried out, for this reason we will provide you with a 12 month clock service guarantee.

Our Clock Restoration Service

Over time our well-loved clocks may encounter knocks, drops and wear and tear, hence why we offer a clock restoration service. Clock restorations can take a variety of forms and undoubtedly vary from clock to clock. Some examples of clock restoration work are:

Replacement clock dials

Replacement clock glasses

New quartz clock movement

Clock case restoration

If you would like further information about our antique clock restoration service you can visit us in store or alternatively contact us and our expert will be able to help you with your query.

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