Watch Polishing

Watch polishing is a precise and skilled process used to restore the appearance of a watch case and bracelet to its original or desired condition. Over time, watches can develop scratches, scuffs, and wear marks on their surfaces, diminishing their overall look.

Watch Polishing

Before beginning the polishing process, one of our experts carefully inspects the watch case and bracelet. They assess the type and severity of scratches, dents, and other imperfections.

Technicians use a variety of tools, including rotary polishing machines, buffing wheels, and handheld polishing cloths or pads. Each tool is selected based on the specific requirements of the watch’s finish.

After the polishing is complete, the watch components are reassembled, ensuring that all parts are correctly aligned and functioning. It is carefully inspected to confirm that the polishing has been done to a high standard.

Timescales and prices will vary depending on the make and model of the watch. Once we have assessed the watch, an accurate timescale and price will be estimated whilst in-store. To discuss more, click here to contact us, or simply come into our store.

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