Watch Batteries

We can replace the battery in virtually any watch, regardless of the age or manufacturer of the timepiece. 

All watches that do not have a mechanical or automatic movement run on battery power. If your quartz piece has stopped working without no obvious cause, its source of power may well be the issue.

We replace button cells (watch batteries) in-store as a while-you-wait service. If the required battery is unusual or currently out of stock, we will retain your watch pending repair and contact you when it is ready to collect.


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All Watch Batteries are not the Same

Each watch requires the correct size of button cell, along with the correct orientation. Regardless of how the battery fits inside the timepiece, all watch power cells are not the same.

We provide high-quality, 3.0-volt, lithium batteries to ensure longer life and more consistent power to the movement.

If you are unsure what type you require, Nettleton’s experienced experts are on-hand to help you. We can examine your watch before recommending any next steps.


Watch Battery Costs

Because each timepiece requires a specific battery type, we cannot provide a price until we know your watch type. However, we specialise in providing the right battery at the right price. Contact our experience team to get your watch running again.

For other Watch Repairs, such as strap adjutment, strap replacement, Services or other repairs, please visit our dedicated page Watch Repair page.

If you need a new watch battery, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01200 422 127. Alternatively, simply pop down to our Clitheroe shop and our friendly staff will be happy to help.