Classic Favourites From Sheila Fleet Jewellery

26 November 2016

Check out some of the classic favourites in the Sheila Fleet Jewellery collection from Nettletons Jewellers Clitheroe, Lancashire:

Sheila Fleet Creel Collection

Sheila has come up with a range of Creel cage designs. They are available in silver with enamel or gold.

Tidal Treasures Collection From Sheila Fleet

The strong tides of the Pentland Firth protect many natural treasures. Fishermen sometimes uncover these treasures when they haul in their nets, which inspired this collection.

Sheila Fleet River Ripples Collection

The elegant free flowing designs of River Ripples were inspired by the natural ripples on sand after water has passed over it.

Morning Dew By Sheila Fleet Jewellery

The Morning Dew collection of silver and gold jewellery is laced with handset stones. It reflects a magical phenomenon – dew drops glistening in the sunlight at the break of dawn.

Sheila Fleet Wild Grasses

Sheila’s original designs are hand enamelled on top of layers of silver and gold wires. Delicate free flowing gem sets bring to mind the natural wild grasses of Scotland.

Rowan From Sheila Fleet Jewellery

The Rowan tree is known as a ‘Tree of Life’ and a protector from harm in Scottish lore.

Sheila Fleet Snowdrop Collection

Inspired by walking through the woodland at Forss in Caithness through a dense carpet of delicate winter Snowdrops.

Daisies at Dawn By Sheila Fleet

These delicate silver daisies with sunshine centres are sold to raise funds for the Orkney Charitable Trust which supports youngsters in need in Orkney.

Sheila Fleet Jewellery Ogham Collection

This collection was inspired by the Ogham writing – the first known text discovered in Orkney. It reads ‘a blessing on the soul’.

Skyran by Sheila Fleet

Skyran was also inspired by the first known text discovered in Orkney.

Flagstone Collection From Sheila Fleet

The flagstone collection was borne of Sheila’s love of the sensational natural rock shorelines that used to linked Orkney and Caithness.

Sheila Fleet Pentland Collection

The Pentland collection is named in honour of the notorious stretch of water which separates the Orkney Islands from the north coast of Scotland.

Reef Knot by Sheila Fleet

The Reef Knot is named and designed after one of the best-known sailors’ knots.

Sheila Fleet Tidal Collection

The tidal was inspired by the ever motion of the tides in the Pentland Firth between Orkney and Caithness.

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