Ring Remounts

Ring remounting, also known as ring resetting or ring redesign, is a process of when a gemstone or a set of gemstones from an existing ring are removed and placed into a brand new setting or mounting to something different to your acquired taste. This is typically done to give an old or worn ring a fresh look or to update its style.

Ring Remounts

Over time, personal tastes and fashion trends change. Ring remounting allows you to update the look of your jewellery to align with current styles and your preferences. If you have a sentimental attachment to the gemstones in your existing ring, remounting allows you to keep those stones.

Rings that have sustained damage or wear and tear may benefit from remounting. This process can include repairing or replacing shanks, or other parts of the ring, ensuring the gemstones remain. Remounts can take up to 6 weeks from start to finish. Prices will vary depending on the metal, the setting, and the style, but an exact estimate will be given before any work is started.

To discuss more about jewellery remounting, click here to contact us, or simply come into our store and one of our experts can take you on the remounting journey and help you decide what’s best.

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