Committi Clocks

08 November 2015

Committi Clocks Pursuit Of Perfection

Committi Clocks always have been dedicated to the pursuit of perfection and innovation. Onorati Committi quickly achieved an unsurpassed reputation within the wider community for his recording instruments including the finest quality mercury and most exquisite aneroid barometers. It was during the late Victorian period in which the company, Committi Clocks, gained renown as one of the best clockmakers in England receiving the Diploma of Honour for the firm’s workmanship in 1888.

Committi Clocks Still Going Strong

More than 150 years on, Comitti Clocks is still a family owned and managed business, run by the fifth generation of clockmakers, which remains faithful to the founding principles of Onorato Comitti. Comitti Clocks continues to maintain the company’s international reputation for luxury timepieces in the finest traditions of English clockmaking.

Original Comitti manufactured barometers and clocks from those early days of production are now extremely sought after and are considered precious antiques.

Tellingly, some of the Comitti Clocks styles created in the late 1800s continue to be made to this very day, using many of the same manufacturing techniques and attracting the same awe that they always have done. Such a heritage allows Committi Clocks to offer a very bespoke clock maintenance and clock restoration service for all antique clocks and barometers.

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