Nettletons Jewellers Guide To Ring Sizing

15 October 2017

Have you ever wondered how to find the perfect sized ring for your finger? The best way to find the correct ring size is to visit our Clitheroe jewellery shops and have your finger professionally measured by one of our team using a ring sizing gauge. This is not always feasible, and so we have covered some of the basics in this article.

‘Wheatsheaf’ is the most commonly known gauge that is used for measuring finger size in the United Kingdom. Some rings are also produced in European millimetre dimensions, and the USA and Canada use another measurement system. A special stick can be used to size rings to any of these different specifications.

The chart below shows a list of ring sizes as a guide. This conversion chart is only a guide, and the sizes do not precisely crossover, so we recommend that you visit our Clitheroe jewellery shops in order to ensure that you have an accurate size before you buy engagement rings or wedding rings.

Ring Width and Finger Measurement
You must always give consideration when you are ordering a ring to the actual width of the ring itself. Some narrower rings use a 4mm gauge, but other rings measure up to 5 – 6mm. For example if your normal finger size is K then a 4-5mm ring would be size K, but a 6 – 7 mm ring may need a size K ½ and a 7mm – 10mm size may even go up to L. On the other hand, D section rings are actually rounded on the inside circumference, and so you may need to order s half-size smaller to ensure a good, comfortable fit.

These measurements are a guide only – everyone has a different knuckle size and preference for how loose or tight they wear their rings. For more information or a free ring sizing appointment call Nettletons Jewellers Clitheroe on 01200 422127 today.

Inner ring (mm)Number SizesWheat Sheaf
CircumferenceUsual sizing
42.32 1/4D 1/2
42.92 1/2E
43.52 3/4E 1/2
44.83 1/4F 1/2
45.53 1/2G
46.13 3/4G 1/2
47.44 1/4H 1/2
484 1/2I
48.74 3/4J
49.35J 1/2
49.95 1/4K
50.65 1/2K 1/2
51.25 3/4L
51.86L 1/2
52.56 1/4M
53.16 1/2M 1/2
53.86 3/4N
54.47N 1/2
557 1/4O
55.77 1/2O 1/2
56.37 3/4P
56.98P 1/2
57.68 1/4Q
58.28 1/2Q 1/2
58.98 3/4R
59.59R 1/2
60.19 1/4S
60.89 1/2S 1/2
61.49 3/4T
62.110T 1/2
62.710 1/4U
63.310 1/2U 1/2
6410 3/4V
64.611V 1/2
65.211 1/4W
65.911 1/2W 1/2
66.511 3/4X
67.212X 1/2
67.812 1/4Y
68.412 1/2Y 1/2
69.112 3/4Z
69.713Z 1/2
70.313 1/4Z1
7113 1/2Z1 1/2
71.613 3/4Z2
72.314Z2 1/2
72.914 1/4Z3
73.514 1/2Z3 1/2
74.214 3/4Z4
74.815Z4 1/2
75.415 1/4Z5
76.115 1/2Z5 1/2
76.715 3/4Z6
77.416Z6 1/2