Nettletons Jewellers Now Stocks Scottish Gold Jewellery

11 October 2017

Nettletons Jewellers are pleased to be able to announce that we now stocks a range of Scottish Gold Jewellery.

Scottish Gold from Nettletons Jewellers

Scottish Gold is mined in the remote hills in the West of Scotland, close to the village of Tyndrum. It is produced by Scotgold Resources who have named their mining project after the valley in which the mine is situated and also the river that it overlooks—Cononish. Cononish means ‘where the waters meet’ in the Gaelic language. The Cononish Gold Mine is the only commercial gold mine in Scotland, and Nettletons Jewellers Clitheroe are honoured and delighted to have received products made from batches of the very first gold from the mine that have been made available to jewellery designers and producers.

Inside the gold mine is tunnel following the “Cononish Vein”. This contains quartz-rich crystals. It cuts through the hillside for 600 metres and is between two and five metres thick. The vein was formed when hot fluids rose from the core of the earth millions of years ago and filled a fault line in the rock structure. These fluids dissolved minerals in the surrounding rock and when they cooled, gold and other minerals were drawn out as the rock crystallised.

Sustainable and Responsible Scottish Gold Mining

Cononish gold mine officially opened on 3rd August 2016. The mine’s owners, Scotgold Resources, are acutely aware of the natural beauty of the wild, mountainous environment in which is located. Because of this, they are using only clean, modern methods to mine the gold. These ecologically responsible mining methods are currently being trialled, and Cononish goldmine is going become fully operational during 2019. Because of this, supplies of Scottish gold will be limited, and so the beautiful jewellery made from this beautiful precious metal will be rare and exceptional items for the foreseeable future.

For more information about Sheila Fleet Jewellery and our new Scottish Gold Jewellery range or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Nettletons Jewellers Clitheroe on 01200 422127.