Sheila Fleet Jewellery Collections: Timeless beauty, crafted with care

14 December 2020

Here at Nettletons Jewellers, we’re delighted to be able to work with a number of different, jewellery designers and brands. From Lydia’s Bees to D for Diamond, to name just a couple, we stock a wide range of different brands. So, to be able to stock pieces from one of Scotland’s leading jewellery designers, Sheila Fleet, makes us incredibly proud.

Who is Sheila Fleet?

Growing up on a farm in Orkney, Sheila Fleet had a varied start in her professional life before she decided, after 21 years in the jewellery industry, to go it alone.

In 1993, Sheila Fleet Jewellery was born.

Starting out selling designs from the front porch of her house, in over 20 years in the industry, Sheila has worked hard to build a strong, global reputation for her distinctive designs. There are now four different retail locations across Scotland with two in Orkney, one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. Work is also underway on her latest project which is in the Kingdom of Fife.

In 2013, Sheila was awarded an OBE in the New Year 2013 honours for her services to the jewellery industry and, a year later in 2014 received an honorary degree from Edinburgh College of Art.

A family run business, Sheila has the support of her son and daughter-in-law for the day to day running of the business while Sheila herself continues to be the sole designer for the business and is constantly adding to her ever-growing number of collections.

Sheila Fleet Collections

Here at Nettletons Jewellers, we have a number of different Sheila Fleet collections available including the Sheila Fleet “Daisies at Dawn” collection, Sheila Fleet “Wild Grasses” collection and the Sheila Fleet “Sea & Surf” collection.

However, at this time of year, perhaps as it’s the time we most associate with snow, the Sheila Fleet “Snowdrop” collection is one that tends to sell really well both in our shop and online here on our website. Sheila was inspired for this collection by a walk through some woodland at Forss in Caithness and the beauty and spirit of the snowdrop caught her attention.

Sheila Fleet Snowdrop Products

From stud earrings to two different types of Sheila Fleet Snowdrop pendants, we have a number of different Sheila Fleet Snowdrop jewellery items available here at Nettletons Jewellers.

Sheila Fleet Snowdrop Stud Earrings

– We have two different types of Sheila Fleet “Snowdrop” stud earrings. One slightly smaller set which are available at £64. Then the second pair of studs we have are available at £89.

Sheila Fleet Snowdrop Ring

– We also have two different types of Sheila Fleet “Snowdrop” rings. The first is available here for £111. The second one we have in stock is available here for £124.

Sheila Fleet Snowdrop Seven Flower Bracelet

– We also have this beautiful “Seven Flower” bracelet, available here at £241.

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