Watches By Raymond Weil

14 November 2016

The Swiss-made Raymond Weil Watches from Nettletons Jewellers, Clitheroe has always been much sought-after due to the company’s expertise and know-how which continually renders excellence in watch making. However, the love of music is another thing that has been passed down from generation to generation in addition to the passion and knowledge about making watches. Raymond Weil Watches DNA has always included music at its core. The timepieces composed by the Swiss watchmaker are comparable to the chef d’oeuvres of musicians. This art is illustrated by more than 35 years of music involvement.

All of the excellent elements of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry are brought together by the Raymond Weil Watches brand. The Geneva-based brand combines the technical nature of the materials it uses with mobility, reliability, quality, and precision when it creates its various models made to high standards. This combination makes Raymond Weil Watches one of the most legitimate watchmakers in the industry.

Attention to detail and precision define the process of creation. Each of the mens watches and women watches are a work of art created by inspiration but built with the indispensable precision that makes the watches so excellent. Raymond Weil harnesses the know-how of centuries of watchmaking skills that have been handed down for generations. This is reflected in how materials are chosen and developed. The craftsmanship in the components used in all stages of assembly and production are why you look for the Made In Switzerland label. Located in Geneva, the centre for prestigious Swiss watchmaking, the company has constant access to the best materials and components.

The brand is oriented to the future and uses this priority to guide its growth. Within the company, this focus on the future is used for upgrades of both equipment and technical know-how. They are utilising truly visionary methods and materials and making use of computer-aided design for the visualisation of new products. To secure its continued evolution, Raymond Weil Watches constantly seeks out new approaches to problems. Instead of resting on its laurels, it is branching out.

Aesthetic proportions and beauty go hand in hand. Because of the mechanical precision in the watchmaking shop in addition to having the know-how and experience, Raymond Weil Watches can take a concept in design and transform it to please even the most demanding clients. However, from the moment the design is first worked on through to completion, quality runs through the process. Highlighted by sophisticated technology, they also make use of traditional watchmaking tools as well as the hand of the expert watchmaker. Before any watch can receive the Raymond Weil Watches label of high quality, each watch is inspected 350 times.