Book An Appointment

Book an appointment at our store for help finding the perfect watch or jewellery piece. Or to book your workshop consultation.


What To Expect

  • Reaching Out

    We invite you to book an appointment with us on your preferred date and time. When you make your choices, we will also ask you for a little bit of information so we can give you the best experience possible.

    This includes details such as your name and contact number of course, but also what kind of advice you’d like, what brands you are most interested in and whether the piece is a gift for a loved one or similar.

  • On The Day

    On the day of your appointment, our expert will be on hand to guide you through our pieces, whether you are interested in luxury watches or jewellery and will be able to advise you on new launches, limited edition pieces and ideal choices for gifts, and more.

    You will have your appointment time completely to yourself, meaning you will get a truly personal experience either in person or via virtual appointment.

  • Making your Choice

    We are confident you will find the perfect piece on the day of your appointment, and if you are ready to purchase on the day, our expert will be on hand to not only process the sale, but advise on your watch or jewellery guarantees, any maintenance or service advice and ensuring you leave completely satisfied.

    If you are interested in a limited edition piece, or pre-ordering a model we are waiting to arrive, we will keep your details.


How Long Is The Appointment?
What If I Need To Re-Schedule Appointment?
How Do I Cancel My Appointment?
Will I Be Charged For My Appointment?