Introducing Lydia’s Bees

12 August 2020

At Nettletons, we are always on the lookout for exciting jewellery brands our customers will love. That’s why we are pleased to introduce a new brand to our catalogue: Lydia’s Bees!

This brand includes a unique range of beautiful jewellery including earrings and pendants. Expertly crafted in gold and silver, all the brand’s designs – as the name suggests – incorporate the humble bee in some shape or form.

A friendly bee or two makes Lydia’s Bees brand the perfect choice for lovers of British wildlife. A stylish pendant or striking pair of earrings from this collection would make the ideal heartfelt gift for your loved one.

Why not browse our full range on the Nettletons website today? Our comprehensive selection is sure to include what you’re looking for.

Lydia’s Bees

Lydia’s Bees was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to spreading awareness about bees and their enormous value to the environment.

Did you know? There have been over 270 different species of bee recorded in Great Britain.

Lydia’s Bees is a unique jewellery manufacturer that gained its name when owner Christopher Evans designed an original pendant for Lydia. From that day onward, he has been creating gorgeous jewellery inspired by cherished British wildlife.

Did you know? 97% of natural bee and butterfly habitat has been lost in the UK since the Second World War.

Want to help the bees? Nettletons and Lydia’s Bees strive to help our winged friends and it would be fantastic if you joined our cause. You can help out by buying a Beebomb! These are small balls of seeds made using the seeds of tons of native wildflowers.

With a Beebomb, you can make your garden a bee haven filled with native flowers that provide essential habitat for these extraordinary insects.

Featured Products

Why not take a look at our featured Lydia’s Bees products below? Remember: the full collection is available to browse today in the Nettletons online store.

Lydia’s Bees Silver & Gold Plate Mini Bee Necklace



Lydia’s Bees Silver & Gold Plate Mini Bee Necklace

– this wonderful solid sterling silver necklace features a bee with an abdomen plated in stunning 9ct yellow gold – £75.





Lydia’s Bees Silver Stud Earrings



Lydia’s Bees Silver Stud Earrings

– these understated yet stylish earrings are made from silver and display a delicately engraved honeybee on each ear – £105.

These are just example products of the many Lydia’s Bees items of jewellery available now at Nettletons. Click the following link to see everything we have on offer: Lydias Bees Jewellery.


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